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what we do

For The Record provides the expertise you need to make the most of digital advertising. We provide audience creation to find your fans and direct response strategies that really sell.

We will cultivate and grow your fan base and amplify your message using ad platforms in the best combination for your budget to reach where your customers are.

For The Record gets music heard, sells tickets and converts new fans.

We create plans to enhance your existing social media activity, email list engagement and PR campaigns, capturing, tracking and converting your audience, whether it’s wanting eyeballs on a new video, sales for your tour or pre-orders on an album.

If your core business isn’t ad creation, AB testing, audience funnels, pixel strategies, daily value monitoring and long-term digital audience asset you can use again and again, don’t worry. It’s our core business.

For The Record cuts through jargon to provide results and insights, not just a stream of numbers.

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& planning

whether it's cost-effective banner placement, hyper-targeted spotify advertising, native story placement or a sophisticated funnel marketing strategy, for the record can bring together our online expertise with our offline know-how to get your music heard or your event attended.

press releases,
bio & creative

having trouble articulating your art and putting together who you are and what you're trying to achieve in a way that's engaging for your audience? for the record can help!




don't know your tweets from your grams? never fear, for the record can take you through what social platforms are best to reach your audience and how best to interact with them to achieve your goals, both through organic and paid reach. 



whether it's social, web or offline advertising, for the record can negotiate great rates and preferred placement on your behalf. use an agency that's about creativity rather than budget. the ability to double the effectiveness of your facebook ads? wanted to take over tiktok? wanted ads on Spotify? ever wondered what it would be like to have your face on a train or your brand on grindr? oh the places we can go...

we know that traditional media is still a massive driver. as part of australia's largest media marketing group sgc media, for the record can give you access to the highest level PR and plugging services as well as options for territories including the US and UK. 


whether you’re an label or indie artist, for the record brings a suite of digital tools to your fingertips created specifically for you.  

headed by cara anderson, for the record specialises in music releases, tours and festivals, with bespoke marketing campaigns. digital advertising is so much more than simply boosting a facebook post, and for the record is at the cutting edge of digital ad placements. have you ever thought about how much of your digital budget should be put towards getting new fans vs existing fans? have you ever put together a multi-level funnel, creating messaging directed to where the fan is in the conversion cycle? how sophisticated is your AB testing to ensure you're not just placing ads, but getting GREAT value from your spend? are you creating a digital audience online that you can target and target again throughout your career? are you retargeting your fans on spotify so they know about your new single? are you harnessing the immense power of tiktok? is google part of your fan engagement strategy?


if any of those questions left you scratching your head, you're not alone. for the record is your partner in breaking down the bullsh*t and creating smart strategies to ensure you're getting the most out of your digital budget, with a forensic focus on getting the most out of your budget to get real results, not just meaningless jargon and statistics.

for the record is part of the sgc media group (along with sgc media, title track, collision course and radio monitor), australia's largest independent music marketing company with clients including universal, sony, warner, awal, bmg, caroline, chugg music, mjr presents, destroy all lines and many more.




contact us


 +61 7 3123 5331 (ext 1)


28 Church St, Fortitude Valley 

Brisbane, QLD 4006, Australia

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